Location: Christchurch, Hobsonville, Ellerslie

Completed: whilst working at Spaceworks with a wider design team

Wigram was the first to be completed, and shows clearly the fresh, modern, yet comfortable and domestic-feeling interior areas which will be rolled-out throughout the other Villages. 

It was a challenging but fun project, as specific requirements for eldery people where considered in every selected material, 

pattern, fabric, colour, piece of furniture and all various fittings. 

Summerset Retirement Village is a multiple site and longterm hospitality, residential and retail design project. 

I was brought onboard after the initial meetings with the client and Summerset team. My role was an intensive design, project managment, and main point-of-contact for all design & 

construction correspondance. And this was across all sites; Wigram, Hobsonville, and Ellerslie. It was also a project I worked on for the entirety of my time at Spaceworks, ontop of the several other design fitouts I was running and designing. Another designer and I flew to Wellington several times for fortnightly meetings with all involved, and to present concepts & colouboards. 

Summerset was a demanding design, in the sense it was large-scale, therefore many approvals required, correspondance undertaken between various parties, and detailed schedules of specifications, finishes, fittings and materials for the multiple levels of the village, independant houses and the several sites. 

Summerset - Lounge Shot 2
Summerset - Lounge Shot 5
Summerset - Show Apartment Shot 2
Summerset - Shelving Shot 1
Summerset - Detail Shot 16
Summerset - Reception Shot 1
Summerset - Lounge Shot 13
Summerset - Cafe Shot 1
Summerset - Cafe Shot 3
Summerset - Lounge Shot 3
Summerset - Reception Shot 2
Summerset - Hair Salon Shot 1