An adventureous project in every way, the creative concepts we proposed paid off as the client embraced several design elements that were innovative and also appropriate to the surrounding site & “playgroud”. These consisted of a feature wall of sock trees, suspended “clouds”, custom designed planterboxes as space dividers, and various graphic and acoustic designs on the strandboard lined walls. 



Location: Queenstown, NZ

Completed: whilst working at Outline Design

The Remarkables was a unique fitout, being at 2,319m altitude. 

Material selection was very carefully considered to produce each design in a durable and functional way, as elements such as extreme cold, also heat in summer, heavy wear from ski boots, zippers, and wet clothes, and the turnover of hundreds of people within a few hours, had to be thought-out and researched accurately. 

I found myself working on the design for this project with enthusiam and excitement, as I took on the role as senior designer and was responsible for driving the concept, drawings and material selections alongside only one other designer. 

As this design project was a hospitality fitout, we worked in conjunction with a commercial kitchen designer for the kitchen layout, and thoughtfully spaceplanned what was initially one large space that was presented by the architects, into several dining “zones”.