Location: Auckland, NZ

Completed: whilst working at Spaceworks with a wider design team

I was completely involved in this project, engaging with the client, graphic designers and contractors (prior to build).

I admittedly drove this project after the senior designer running it initially left for maternity leave and really pushed having the

layout, design, pricing and furniture selections signed off prior to finishing at Spaceworks, just before site works commenced.

Griffins was a fun office fitout as they were rebranding at the

same time, so we worked closely with their Graphic Designers to

acheive a new office space that cleverly expressed the new brand

concept through texture, colour, materials & lighting.

The layout was splaceplanned to create an open plan activity

based learning environment, where staff would have not individual,

set workspace. The kitchen was designed to be the first space

clients and staff entered after the waiting area, with a beautifully

designed cafe and breakout booths for relaxed meetings.

The smaller 4-6 person meeting rooms consisted of a variety of

open and closed spaces. Large custom built tables were placed in

differing zones to encourage interavtive working.Quiet highback

sofas are dotted about the floor for touchdown converstation. A

hallway near the entry shows custom designed lockers lining the

walls, for staff storage and their office “toolbox”.

And an IT help desk centrally located allows for efficient IT

support for staff.

Griffins - Reception Shot 1
Griffins - Detail Shot 8
Griffins - Lockers Shot 1
Griffins - Seating Booth shot 1
Griffins - Office Shot 7
Griffins - Detail Shot 6
Griffins - Detail Shot 1
Griffins - Lunch Room Shot 5
Griffins - Office Shot 8
Griffins - Office Shot 3
Griffins - Office Shot 4
Griffins - Office Shot 6