THE inde PROJECT is a boutique business specialising in Interior Architecture & Design
here's a brief description of our process:
Brief, Brand &
Design Strategy

Understanding a client, a company, and brand, is our primary focus.

Investing time to research and listen to your needs, your requirements and your vision allows us to design with purpose and intention, creating a space specific for you.


Spatial design goes hand-in-hand with concept design.

Different spaces are thoughtfully planned and designed around users, how users navigate, how they work within spaces, and what a user intends to get from a space.

Space-planning is our first step in shaping a space into a place.

Concept & Developed Design

This is the part of the process for our creative brain to take the reigns.

We implement the client, company, and/or brand into the space on an aesthetic level.

Being considerate to implement your ideas, needs and wants, we come up with proposals for the perfect colour, texture, materials, hardware, equipment, appliances, furniture, partitions, joinery... the list goes on...

Documentation & Building Consent

Some projects require Building Consent, Exemptions or Resource Consent.

We provide full documentation for the design and build of your project,

as well as co-ordination with council throughout the consent process.

Soft Fitout:
- furniture sourcing
- pricing 
- project management

Whether you like to be involved in the soft fitout stage or not, we're here to help.

With supplier relationships, a library full of product options and material samples,

and up-to-date knowledge on current furniture and trends, we can guide you in this selection process, or take-over and propose the full package.

Hard Fitout:
- tender & pricing
- project management
- code compliance

This is when it can get stressful, so let us do the hard work and take the pressure off you.

We can take care of the complete fitout. Project managing contractors and suppliers,

co-ordinating the timing of hard fitout construction and soft fitout installation to meet your move-in date on time.

Trust us, it's worth the investment!