Location: Auckland, NZ

Completed: whilst working at Outline Design

This space was previously an old carpark in Newmarket,

so respectively this was the driving factor for the concept of Outline Design's soon-to-be new shared office space.

Industrial design is seen throughout all the details, whilst still expressing beautiful craftsmanship and offering a comfortable workspace.

Pop's of colour bring life to the space, consideration of warm and light materials were thoughtfully selected, and the shared front-of-house boardroom is open to the high ceiling above, allowing light to filter back into the office work zones.

All the team at Outline Design had creative input to this project. Being a space we would move into once complete, and a shared office with two other businesses, we all set high standards to achieve - creatively, functionally and collaboratively.

I was part of the intimate team, contributing to layout, concept and developed design, material selections, graphics, design detailing and documentation.

8 Leek Street

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8 Leek St_2
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