MERCHANT LANE is a boutique business selling handmade, genuine goat leather accessories 
Merchandise that is soft, supple, & stylish.
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Life Is Short. Buy The Bag.

Everyone needs a beautiful bag to flaunt. And we understand beautiful things don't come cheap. But we offer just that. Genuine Leather products available at an affordable price. Each piece handmade from real goat skin, crafted into a unique product you can admirably flaunt.


We're an online store selling Handmade, Genuine Goat Leather Goods.

Shop Now for beautifully crafted leather accessories.

Merchant Lane sell natural products. They are products that are classic and will not date. And each piece is exquisitely hand-cut, stitched, & oiled.

Handcrafted with love to be a stunning bag, or belt, or keychain.


Buy Leather Milk recipes No.1, No.2 and No. 3 for the ultimate leather cleaning, leather conditioning and leather protection solution! Straight Cleaner is perfect for those times you want to give your leather a more thorough cleaning. Follow up with either Leather Care Liniment or Water Protectant to replenish the leather’s natural oils. For regular leather conditioning, use either Leather Care Liniment or Water Protectant. Buy together now and save!

Available in  6oz (170g) bottles.

Goat Leather.

Goat Leather is not your run-of-the-mill leather. But it should be.

Here's a few reasons why;

  • It's a soft & supple leather because of the high content of natural lanolin oil present in the hide.

  • Goat skin is naturally thinner than cow hide, therefore it is very lightweight.

  • It is very flexible and naturally shapes to your body with wear (Cow-hide leather is much stiffer).

  • As a genuine hide, it's texture of ridges and wrinkles give a softness and worn appearance with use.

  • It's naturally water resistant (however it has tendency to absorb moisture in high humidity, as all genuine leathers do, so look after it well!) 

Our Story.

We're Ryan and Briana, husband and wife, two rookie entrepreneurs that dreamt of starting a small business during our travels in Asia in 2016.

A spontaneous invitation into the home of a cute old man in a dusty village overseas enlightened us to the hard-work and beautiful craftsmanship of genuine goat leather products.

We knew there was a gap in the New Zealand market for affordable leather bags, and we saw this as an opportunity to offer handmade, genuine goat leather goods (which are also stylish!) at a modest price. And that's how the dream began!