Auckland Uni

Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Location: Central Auckland

Completed: whilst working at Spaceworks

My role as the sole designer was to complete this project from start to finish, dealing with the client and contractors directly, concept and design development, furniture 

selection, pricing and orders, drawings for construction, project management, site visits, and remedial works. 

The main design element was the graphic signage and how it was displayed effectively to represent & promote innovation by catching one’s eye.

The Business School at the University of Auckland wanted a revamp in their Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The concept was to encourage creativity, as described to the client below: 

This design has been developed on the concept of innovation being defined by space through colour. 

Vivid colours applied to the floor and walls represent creative 

pathways and the various imaginations of one’s mind. 

hese creative pathways are shown overlapping, connecting, and going round in circles. 

The design shows spaces are framed by a line of orange scotia and lead into other spaces, symbolising how creative ideas are influenced and developed by various people and others input encourages one to “think outside the box” 

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